We have been constructing drilling rigs and drilling equipment for water-, oil and gas wells for 40 years. Our long term experience results in high quality drill rigs.


We design and manufacture drill rigs of all sizes (1 ton pulling capacity, helicopter transportable) to the biggest, fully mobile drilling rigs ( 160 tons pulling capacity).


There are rigs with Top-Drive and Work-Over plants with rotary table. Our drill rigs are completely hydraulic driven and represent state of the art drill rig technology.




We construct custom-made drill rigs and onboard components according to individual customer requirements. Along with the geological experience of our customers we will find the best drilling techniques.

Each drilling rig is designed to match the expected ambient climates, no matter if cold, moderate or tropical. In addition to the rigs, we are manufacturing and supplying all different kinds of drilling equipment, drill stem components, drilling tools, bits and spares.

We only use proven hydraulic components from well-known German manufacturers. All other equipment and components are quality products only from European and international companies. The steel work is of high quality and durability and follows the stringent regulations of the German Federal Mining Authority (Deutsches Bergamt).

The safety of the drilling personnel meets the highest achievable standard and follows the regulations of the DIN/EN 971 “Drill Rig Safety”.  We achieved the CE-Sign on acount of this and our customers can be sure we are doing the best for the protection of staff and material.

This Website represents a small proportion of what we can offer.  A lot of drilling material and equipment is manufactured on the special demand of the customer.
Of course the drill rig technology is developed further permanently for our customers and their requirements and tasks. 

Our user oriented professional solutions are strong arguments to work with us.






The drilling rigs are suitable for:


The following drilling methods can be used with our rigs:

  • Irrigation purpose       
  • Drinking water supply
  • Ground water control
  • Seismic exploration
  • Explorations drilling
  • Core drilling
  • Anchor drilling
  • (inclined drilling)
  • Dry drilling
  • Dud ammunition search
  • Rotary drilling with direct mud circulation
  • Rotary drilling with reverse mud circulation by airlifting
  • Ratary drilling with reverse mud circulation by suction pump
  • DTH-Hammer drilling
  • Dry drilling




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