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Fiberdur cable protection pipes (Fiberprotect) are manufactured from corrosion-free, cross-wound and glass fibre reinforced GRP pipes in connection with E-textile glass rovings. The inner layers are the supporting structure, whose wall thickness and quantity of cross layers depend on the requirements as temperature, outside pressure and others.

The winding angle of 55° offers the ideal balance to meet the specific requirements. The structural layer is composed by a glass content  of 70 +/- 5% and a resin content of 30 +- 5%. By a specific hot curing procedure in furnaces at a temperature of 180°C it is possible to obtain a close cross-linking of the polymers. This results in a high thermic resistance and a high mechanical strength.

Fiberprotect pipes do not contain any additional color. The position of glass fibres (according to DIN) and their bubble free embedding are easily recognizable and are not covered by adding any colorants.

Just by simple looking it is possible to recognize the quality of Fiberprotect.







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