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Due to its versatility and the increasing need for energy and water resources the demand for fiberglass pipe systems becomes more and more important. Fiberdur offers the possibility of prefabrication of spools, collectors, distributors.

Alongside piping systems, our range of products includes special products such as for Pressure Vessels, Flue systems, Special Storage Tanks and special products made of glass fibre reinforced plastics for various fields of application.

Fiberdur Specials:
Fiberchem Type E, Fiberflex, Riserpipe, Fibernuclear, Thermothan, Fiberprotect


  • Geothermy - Glassfibre reinforced pipe system with decisive advantages against steel.
  • Thermal Water Lines - All pipe systems for aggressive water transport.
  • Water Well Riser Pipes - A pipe system for the water-well industry.
  • District heating pipeline (Thermothan) - For the conduction of hot water or condensate in long-distance energy supply systems.
  • Cable protection pipe - A pipe system for special cable protection in vinylester and epoxy resin.

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